Paul Lurie Fine Art Photography
Aerialscapes of Door County Wisconsin
Door County, Wisconsin

"Old barns are beautiful in part because of their use of indigenous materials. They seem a part of the natural ennvironment. They belong.

Old barns are  honest buildings. They were built for a specific function which determined their size and shape. There is nothing extraneous about them. In this sense they are very contemporary in spirit since contemporary architects strive for this same honesty and functionalism.

Old barns have a very human quality. They were made by hand and have the warmth and texture of all hand made objects.Time and weather as well as use have given them a patina new buildings cannot match."

John Kahlert,  Early Door County Buildings (1978)
"...the magnificent first fruits of the new age."
Le Corbusier in Toward a New Architecture
referring to concrete grain storage tanks.